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Maharishi on ideal Relationship

Friendship, marriage, relationships, all these find their fulfillment spontaneously in fully developed potential of the individual. If the individual has fully developed potential he’ll enjoy friendship, relationships, marriage to the fullest extent. If the half potential is lived then half enjoyment of the possibility through relationships, friendships, marriage, everything – half.

If one fourth potential is lively inside then all the relationships, friendships, marriage everything will be enjoyed in the quarter of the possibility. Possibility will be great but the actuality of achievement will be only quarter. One can be to others to the extent one can be to oneself only. If I can’t have that fullness of life to myself how can I be to others only in that measure in whatever measure I am to myself.

Therefore the key to relationships is, to take care of our own Self. We meditate and then our potentiality is being used more and more through practice and then a time will come when we are using our full potential and we are fully developed heart and mind and with fully developed heart and mind all relationships will be enjoyed just because we are able to give maximum of ourselves to others.

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